Book Review: Liberty Silk by Kate Beaufoy

‘One beautiful dress is the key to three brave women’s destinies…’


Having received a beautiful, signed copy of Liberty Silk from winning Marian Keyes’ Glittering Raffle, I couldn’t wait to dive into it, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. Marian writes she ‘fell in love with this – a beautiful, compelling novel,’ and I couldn’t agree more.

Liberty Silk tells the stories of three different women in three different eras, and will pull you further and further in as you learn how their lives intertwine.

First, we have Jessie in Paris, 1919. We meet a young women newly wed and besotted, who finds herself devastated when her husband vanishes while on their honeymoon. She sinks lower and lower until a twist of fate suddenly places her smack-bang in the Parisian cream of society.

Baba – AKA Lisa La Touche – is jetting off for the life of Glitz and Glamour in Hollywood, 1945, though she soon finds out that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, and the stars of the time are really just slaves to the Hollywood world. Finding herself in a painstakingly difficult situation, Lisa has some really tough decisions to make, and your heart will twist with angst for her as you follow her tough journey.

Headstrong Cat, the youngest of our ladies, is leaving London, 1965, as a photographer with a mission to make a difference in the world, but she was never prepared for the horrors she finds in some of the most war-torn and grief-stricken places she visits.

Prepare to laugh and cry as you fall in turn for these three beautiful women, transported between three wonderful settings. You’ll even meet some recognisable characters along the way; including Coco Chanel, the Fitzgeralds and Pablo Picasso!

I particularly love that Kate Beaufoy wrote this based on letters from her Grandmother, Jessie Beaufoy, who fell in love with a painter in France. This genuine link to the characters gives the writing a truly earnest feel. You can even head over to Pinterest to see the original artifacts from the book and some beautiful art work.

The more the stories of these women unfolded, the more hooked I became to every word, and Kate Beaufoy leaves you begging for answers until the final pages.

As an extra treat at the end of the book, Kate has written a beautiful situation involving her Grandmother, as well as a quiz to find out which character from the book you would be – it’s a really lovely little touch to finish off on.

Overall, I really recommend this book wholeheartedly, it’s elegantly written and refreshingly different from a lot of other books these days. A truly enchanting read.

Rating: star-ratingstar-ratingstar-ratingstar-ratingstar-rating

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