My Yearly Round-Up: 2014

In July 2014, I decided two things. 1) I was actually going to start writing a book like I’ve been saying for years, and 2) I was going to start a book blog, to keep me inspired. So I set up this blog, created a twitter account, and joined Goodreads. I think I can safely say that these are 2 of the best choices I have ever made.

Excited as I was, I could never have imagined just how amazing an experience this would be, and how many wonderful people I would ‘meet’. I’m so thankful to all of you for your wonderful support and friendship.

And, most excitingly of all, on November 30th 2014, I completed the first draft of my first book. Words cannot describe the feelings of accomplishment and pride (and relief!) that came with writing those two little words: The End.

So, here is my yearly round up for 2014, or at least the latter half of it.

Books read: 72
Pages read: 19,531
Blog Posts: 131

Pieces of You Ella Harper

Most Emotional Read: Pieces of You, Ella Harper
My Review

This book had me in tears within the first few pages – it is both beautiful and tragic.

Funniest Read: Love, Lies & Lemon Cake, Sue Watson
My Review

This was my first Sue Watson read, and I quickly fell in love with her laugh-out-loud writing.

Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe

Christmas Wedding at the GBC

Favourite Series: The Gingerbread Cafe books, Rebecca Raisin
My Reviews

The Gingerbread Cafe books are simply delightful, with some of the loveliest and warmest characters I’ve read about.

love me for me
My Favourite Book of 2014: Love Me For Me, Jenny Hale
My Review

Probably the most perfect book I’ve ever read. Genuine, sincere and simply wonderful.

So, all in all, a pretty amazing year! Thanks again for all your kindness and support so far, and here’s to a wonderful and prosperous 2015.

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Guest Post: 8 Magical Questions for World-Building in Fiction, by Sasha Leigh

Magic is common in novels. Fantasy isn’t just for sci-fi fanatics who love quoting Spock anymore. It isn’t just vampires, witches, demons, and gods/goddesses, but whole new worlds. Places where it would be weird if you didn’t see a unicorn walking down the street because the myths we grew up hearing stories of are so believable, they are real to readers. Superheroes, angels, demons . . . anything goes.

So how does an author make this so believable? Continue reading

This Month…September 2014

September 2014
September is finally here and it’s going to be such an exciting month!!!

Asides from all the fabulous book releases that I posted about yesterday, I’ve got a lot going on!


All hail the NetGalley! Such an amazing resource for us bookers and bloggers (yes, I may have made up the word bookers, but shh!) and we’re all going to be working super hard to read & review as many reviews as possible from our NetGalley shelves to get our percentages up, so that’s exciting for everyone!


From September 16th, Mr and I have two, glorious weeks off for our holiday in Egypt. I am SO excited. All we’ve managed in the last year are two weekends in the UK, so a nice, long sunshine-filled holiday is definitely overdue!! This will also give me lots of lovely reading time in the sunshine, and I can’t wait to go see all the culture Egypt has to offer; from the pyramids to the old markets, it’s going to be amazing!


These last couple of weeks my book has really felt like it’s come to life, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in even more this month! Again, The holiday will give me a great chance for writing days, either out in the glorious sunshine or perfect for when I need a break from the intense heat!

My First Ever Giveaway!

I’m running my first ever giveaway! Wahoo! This is a thank you to all you amazing readers, writers and bloggers who make me smile everyday 🙂 so if you haven’t entered yet, get your cute little butt over there and enter now!

Tattoo Continues…

I’ve got my second session on my tattoo this Wednesday, I’m very excited but insanely nervous and as much as I can’t wait for it to be finished, I’m a wee bit ancy about another all day session! At least I know it’s all going to be so very worth it in the end!

So, yep, a very exciting month ahead! What have you got to look forward to this month?

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How Many English Words Do You Actually Know?

Further to my Big, Beautiful Words post, I stumbled across this little quiz, which was an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes! It tests your vocabulary knowledge in 30 questions, based around unusual words.

Enjoy & good luck!

PS. I’ll just throw in here that I got full marks…I’ll admit having recently done the Big, Beautiful Words article helped a little!!

So many ideas, so little time…

The creative cogs in my mind have been working overtime these past few days – more than they have in a long while! I really could do with a whole day, shut away by myself to just get everything down – there’s so many things bustling about up there, demanding to be written!

As luck would have it, however, we have an incredibly busy weekend, so I’m not going to get much more than the couple of hours I’ve slotted in this morning, and hopefully a few more tomorrow morning. Typical.

However, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend next week, and the Mr is away, so I’ve got pages of scribbles to go off of, and no excuses not to have my butt glued to my chair in front of my laptop, and spend pretty much the entire weekend writing! I’m looking forward to it already!

Big, Beautiful Words

It’s becoming more and more impossible to deny (what appears to be) the impending downfall in the English language. With the accessibility of technology so present in our every day lives, ‘text speak’ seems to be creeping it’s way further and further into everyday spoken language. You only need to look at the OED list of new words to see what I’m talking about it. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s bare cray. Seriously, I can’t even use the words mockingly any more without physically cringing and feeling a tiny shred of dignity float away from me each time. I’ll put my hands up, I’ve been known to slip in the odd ‘adorbs’ or ‘amazeballs’ here or there, but generally only among close friends, who know to take it in the tone in which it was intended. Continue reading

Procrastination Extermination

I’ve come to a realisation, that I’ve always been one of those really awful ‘aspiring writer’ types. I have always been determined to write a book. I’ve had a couple of particular ideas floating around my mind for years, I’ve made some characters, developed some plot lines, but never once have I set the time to actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and actually make that book materialise. And to be honest, I’m sick of myself for it.

So, I’ve turned a new leaf. I have finally – I still can’t quite believe it myself – started my very first novel. I basically realised that the term ‘aspiring’ was really just a means of procrastination for me. A cover up. It just meant I could keep putting it off with the comforting belief that one day it would happen. Thing is, it was never actually going to happen until I made it happen. So, I’ve dropped the ‘aspiring.’ The only thing needed to be a writer, is to actually write. To put in the effort to make the time to write. And bingo! I am now a writer.

It is, of course, in the earliest of stages, but do you know what? Dropping that ‘aspiring’ title is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s almost like I used the term to belittle myself, as I know that the reason I’ve always put off getting started is down to a lack of confidence. What if I’m no good? What if no one likes what I write? The thing is though, what if I’m great? What if people love what I write? Good or bad, I’m never going to know if I don’t try. And having simply had the guts to push that out of my mind and begin on what I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little girl, has given the best confidence boost I’ve ever had. Because ultimately, I’d rather try and fail then look back with that dreaded ‘What If?’

So stay tuned, folks; I plan to stick around.

With love,

From Paris x