Claudia Carroll Valentines Interview

Avon UK have SPOILED us by releasing 10 gorgeous short story’s for Valentines Day!


I’m thrilled to welcome Claudia Carroll onto the blog today. Claudia is one of Avon’s fabulous romance authors, who wrote ‘The Feel-Good One’ for the Love…Maybe collection, Single, Forty & Fabulous!

  • What’s your dream date?
    Ooh, good question! I know a lot of people say it’s a posh dinner followed by champagne sipped in his private jet on your way to Rio…but for me it’s something a lot more humdrum. I love a date where it’s just something very casual like coffee or a quick drink after work, but then you just end up having so much in common and so much to say to each other that next thing it’s 2a.m. and it feels like you’ve only been there for about ten minutes.
  • What’s the worst/most embarrassing date you’ve ever been on?
    Oh God, it happened years ago and I’m still cringing. It was a blind date and he was so mind-boggingly boring and so up himself that I ran to the loo, then came back and pretended that I’d just had a phone call saying I was needed back home urgently. He drove me home and of course no sooner had I got rid of him then I scooted down to our local to meet up my pals. And bumped into him there, doing exactly the same thing…
  • What’s your favourite Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received?
    Well, here I’ve a confession to make here. Thing is, February 14th is my birthday, so whatever about the love/romance element to the whole day, I can always count on getting an iTunes voucher from my Dad and an anti-ageing cream from my mother. A subtle hint, methinks.
  • What’s your favourite thing about love?
    Well I’ve been single for so long that it’s hard to remember, but hauling myself through the fug of time, I’d say; laughter. After all if you can’t have a laugh with a potential partner, then there’s no hope, is there?
  • Can you describe what love means to you in three words?
    Companionship. Giggles. And long lazy dinners where you chat and talk late into the night, taking the whole world apart and putting it all back to together again. Sorry, I think I exceeded the 3 word limit…
  • What is your favourite memory of your wedding day OR what would be a detail of your dream wedding?
    Well, I’m not married, but I know exactly where my dream wedding would be. On a beach. In the Caribbean. At sunset. With both of us in our bare feet and only close family and pals with us. No Bridezilla carry on; in fact I think I’d wear just a little sundress from Topshop to really emphasize the point.
  • What is your favourite romance novel?
    Without a doubt, Pride and Prejudice. And to think that Jane Austen wrote it at twenty-one? Astonishing.
  • Who is your favourite romance author?
    Oh, I’ve so many! Jane leads the pack though, I think, she’s the mother of all women’s commercial fiction, if you ask me. but I also love and adore Jojo Moyes, Marian Keyes, Phillippa Gregory and Trisha Scanlan too.
  • What is your favourite romantic film?
    Casablanca. It’s got everything. It’s a heartrending love story, a thriller, a musical and a war movie all rolled into one. When they made it, they had no idea who’d win the war, which I think it makes it not just the most romantic movie ever, but also one of the bravest.
  • What inspires you to write romantic fiction?
    Anything and everything really. seeing a couple kiss passionately on a bridge in the lashing rain in the middle of January and wondering what their story is. Or seeing a couple clinging to each other with one of them in floods of tears at the airport departure gates. Because we all have love stories to tell, don’t we?

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single, fabulous and forty

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claudia carrollClaudia’s Bio

Claudia was born in Dublin and is a graduate of UCD, the College of Music and of the Gaiety School of Acting. Since then she has worked extensively as an actress on the Irish stage, but is probably best known for her role as TV’s Nicola Prendergast in the long running Dublin soap opera, ‘Fair City.’

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Valentines Weekend Celebrations

Hey lovebugs!

Now, as a book worm obsessed with Romance novels, it probably comes as no surprise that I am a totally hopeless romantic! I love everything about love and romance. And while, yes, I know, Valentines is a totally commercialised blah blah blah blah…you know what? I love it. I don’t care. Ultimately, it’s an excuse to spend a totally lovely, romantic day with someone special. What’s not to love? The truth is, even though we can be romantic and lovely and make an effort every single day for the ones we love, we often don’t. So what’s wrong with having one day a year where you make a special effort and celebrate your love in style?! Even in past years when I’ve been single, I’ve spent amazing Valentines Days with friends, where we’ve always had a great laugh celebrating our friendship.

So in the spirit of things, I have a very special love-themed weekend planned here which I am SUPER excited about as I have a whole bunch of amazing guests on the Book Nook! I’ve added a ‘Valentines Weekend’ tab in the menu up there, so you can go straight to all the latest lovey dovey stuff 🙂

Here’s what I’ve got in store for you:

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Claudia Carroll Valentines Interview

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Pretty darn amazing, huh? Thank you SO MUCH to all my amazing guests for taking part in the Valentines Weekend celebrations here on the Book Nook – you’re all stars!

Book Review: Love Me or Leave Me, by Claudia Carroll

‘Welcome to the Hope Street Hotel – where you check in married, and check out single.’

love me or leave me

Two years ago Chloe Townsend was dumped at the altar and had to leave behind everything that mattered to her. Even now she’s finding it hard to move forward. That is until she lands an incredible job, running a brand new boutique hotel. Suddenly she’s starting to put her life back together, and, apart from the fact that her hard-to-please new boss is breathing down her neck, things are looking good.

But what goes on in the Hope Street Hotel is a far cry from anything she’s ever dealt with before. This is a pioneering ‘divorce hotel’ designed to make every aspect of breaking up efficient and pain-free. In one single weekend, Chloe’s team promises to take care of everything – legal, technical, emotional – and guests check out carefree and single.

No one is better qualified than Chloe to understand what couples need when their relationship is at breaking point, but she soon finds herself having to tackle the heartbreak she’s tried to bury. In particular three couples need her help – Jo and Dave, Lucy and Andrew, and Kirk and Dawn – and the opening weekend is full of revelation, trouble, memories happy and sad, facts that need facing, and some very big surprises.

It’s time to move on. And it soon becomes clear that some endings are, in fact, very exciting new beginnings…

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