Help Required!

Hey you! Yes, you, reading this now. I need your help.

I started this blog as a place to get me back into writing, to give me motivation to get my butt in the chair and write, and to interact with other writers. Luckily, it has done just that.

But, it’s also done much more. It’s become more of a nook for me to air my love of all-things-bookish, not just my own writing, and to post reviews about what I’m reading, discover new reading material, and connect with other readers. This, I love. I really wasn’t sure what direction this blog would take when I started off, but I feel like I’ve found my swing, and I really love it. And I love all of you guys too!

Which is why, I want your feedback. As this has become a corner more for my reading habits, than my writing habits (although I can’t express how much it has helped as a motivation for writing!) I’ve decided to have a little re-brand into something more relevant, and I would like your opinion on what you think I should change the title to!

I’d love to hear any other ideas or comments you have!

Thanks, in advance, lovelies.

With love,

From Paris xx