An overdue check-in!

Hey guys! So no matter how good my intentions have been over the last few months regarding my reading and blogging, I’ve struggled to actually put them in to practise.

For the most part, I blame this dude…

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No, no, that’s not David Tennant, that’s my boyfriend, Ben. This handsome devil has been taking up most of my time for the last four months, so I blame him for my lack of productivity on the blogging front.

To be fair, I can’t entirely blame him, as he happens to live on the lesser island of Guernsey, so our time together is sadly somewhat limited, but weekends together are always amazing. I can’t deny it, he’s a cutie. Despite his best efforts at putting on a grouchy, cynical front most of the time, he’s a downright sweetie, and he makes me very happy.

Well, apologies for the lack of book talk, just wanted to gush about my man, to be honest – plus he was sulking about not being on my blog and wanted a post about him – hence all the flattery! 😉

Hope everyone is well!

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