Book Review: #PleaseRetweet by Emily Benet

How to mess up your life in 140 characters

cover71669-mediumSocial media whizz kid, May Sparks has landed her dream job. Well, not quite, but the salary is great and all May has to do is handle the online profiles of Z C – list celebrities who have the tendency to say inappropriate things. Easy, right? #wrong

May’s clients include an ex big brother star (who she’s definitely not going to sleep with #neversaynever), a disgraced TV presenter (who wants May to sort out his marriage as well as his Twitter account), and a woman who once flashed her boobs on X-factor. They’re all relying on her to turn them into stars. But they’re not going to make her job easy.

As May is sucked further and further into her job she begins to lose her grip on real life. Her friends don’t ‘like’ her Facebook posts anymore and even her gorgeous neighbour, who once seemed to be on the same wavelength, criticises her career choice. Worse, May’s clients start getting trolled by an annoying tweep, who May happens to agree with.

Then May’s secret online identity is leaked, causing her to start trending on Twitter. It looks like the status update is over. Unless May can leave the superficial social media word behind and find her own voice again…


I was browsing options on NetGalley for the #HIreadathon when I stumbled across this bad boy. As soon as I read the blurb for #PleaseRetweet, I knew I had to have it. As always, I was super grateful for auto-approval from HarperImpulse, and within seconds of my greedy eyes seeing it, I had it on my kindle and ready to go, in exchange for an honest review.

I just LOVE the whole idea. I love how current and on trend it is. And just generally as a total twitter-obsessed social media maniac, I just knew this was a book for me.

I proved myself right when I was laughing out loud on the first page, multiple times. Bravo, Emily. Bravo.

May Sparks is pretty up to scratch on the social media front. Her personal account gets some good reactions, so tweeting as minor celebs for her new job comes pretty naturally to her – even if she’s not entirely convinced that it’s actually morally sound to be doing it. Soon she finds the right voice for each of her clients, and starts being able to build their personas in a way to put them in the best light possible – she just has to hope they don’t mess things up for their own images in the mean time! #fingerscrossed

Unfortunately, May seems to have run out of time for her own life as she’s too busy ‘being’ her clients and her friends are not very impressed. (#drama!) With her moral compass spinning faster and faster out of control, and her social life somewhat in tatters, May needs to seriously make some decisions to take control back.

I really enjoyed May as a character, even though she did wind me up a little at times, but that’s what totally worked about her. Her quirky, paranoid personality really tickled me, and I just wanted her to be able to relax a bit! I loved how she tries to rationalize everything in her own head, and how well her inner struggle with what she was doing was portrayed. I really commend Emily on how believable both her good and bad characteristics were. She was a very flawed, but likable, believable character.

This is a super fun and easy read from Harper Impulse, which is what they do so very well, and I definitely recommend it to the modern-day girl who loves a bit of social media! #loveit


Release date: 04 August 2015
Publisher: HarperImpulse
Amazon UK
Amazon US


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