Blog Tour Book Review: My So-Called Love Life, by A.L. Michael

Meet Tigerlily James: romance cynic, North Londoner and die-hard margarita fan.
My So Called Final

Tigerlily James has been a member of the Young and Bitter Club ever since she was dumped on Valentine’s day. By her fiancé.

Surviving on a diet of cynicism and margarita-fuelled ‘Misery Dinners’ with her best friends, she’s become a romance free zone…and that’s the way she likes it. Until an invitation for The Ex’s wedding arrives. Suddenly in need of a plus one, Tig has little choice but to bin the takeaways, ditch the greying underwear collection…and start pretending to view the opposite sex as something other than target practise.

Then, she meets Ollie – ie. the perfect solution. No sex. No strings. Fake boyfriend. The only catch is that she has to pretend to be his girlfriend for three whole months.

Dating without the heartbreak: the best idea Tig’s ever had, right? Wrong!


Thank you so much to A.L. Michael for including me in her blog tour!

I loved the sound of My So-Called Love Life; the Misery Dinners sounded hilarious and having a fake relationship with a perfect guy? Well, you just know that isn’t going to run smoothly!

This book had a perfect mix of sweet, feel-good moments and laugh out loud funny bits. I adored Tig as a character, between her lack of self-confidence and her struggle to want to fight for her own happiness, she made an incredibly relatable character.

Then there’s Ollie. Phwoar. What a lovely dish he is! Sweet, funny, gorgeous…he’s quite a catch. Well, except he hasn’t really be caught. Lord knows how Tig thought she could date him without feelings getting complicated – I was falling for him just reading it!

I loved watching Tig on her journey, accompanied by awesome friends Dana and Ames, who made me laugh constantly. My So-Called Love Life was a really lovely, funny, feel-good book, that I totally recommend to chick lit lovers.

Rating: star-ratingstar-ratingstar-ratingstar-ratingstar-rating

Release date: 05 February 2015
Publisher: HarperImpulse
Amazon UK
Amazon US

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IMG_1631A.L. Michael’s Bio

A.L. Michael is a twenty something writer from London. She works as a creative facilitator, running workshops in creative writing, writing for wellbeing, and children’s lessons. She has a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing, an MA in Creative Entrepreneurship, and is working towards an MsC in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. She is not at all reliant on her student discount card.

When she’s not writing or talking about writing, she bakes, runs, plays with her puppy, and gets continually distracted by shiny things on etsy.

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