Spooky Reads Week Recommendation: The Boy in the Cemetery

the boy in the cemetery

The Boy in the Cemetery by Sebastian Gregory has been a popular choice for Spooky Reads Week.

Candy and Lynsey have been reading it and they both love it, and Librarian Lavender has it lined up! You can read Candy’s review here.

I think it looks great, and will definitely be trying to squeeze it in at the weekend. Either way, it’s right near the top of my TBR list!

The Boy in the Cemetery was released on 29th of October 2014 by Carina UK.


The Blurb:

This is the story of a girl who didn’t want to live…

Carrie Anne is desperately unhappy. Tangled in a web of abuse, she seeks solace in the cemetery that backs onto her garden. But something creeps between the gravestones. Carrie Anne is not alone

…and a boy who cannot die.

The cemetery is home to a boy. He has guarded these forgotten bones since meeting a gruesome end two hundred years ago. Neither dead nor alive, he has been watching for a long time. And now, he finally has the visitor he’s been waiting for…


Book Links:

GoodreadsAmazon UKAmazon US




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