Book Review: The Little Christmas Kitchen, by Jenny Oliver

Christmas at the Davenports’ house was always about one thing: food

The Little Christmas Kitchen

The mince pies are cooling, the lights are twinkling, and just when you think you’re a roasted chestnut away from the perfect Christmas….along comes the new gift-wrapped treat of a book from Jenny Oliver. Enjoy!

Christmas at the Davenports’ house was always about one thing: food. But when sisters Ella and Maddy were split up, Ella to live in London with their Dad, and Maddy staying in Greece with their Mum, mince pies lost their magic.

Now, a cheating husband has thrown Ella a curved snowball…and for the first time in years, all she wants is her mum. So she heads back to Greece, where her family’s taverna holds all the promise of home. Meanwhile, waitress Maddy’s dreams of a white Christmas lead her back to London… and her Dad.

But a big fat festive life-swap isn’t as easy as it sounds! And as the sisters trade one kitchen for another, it suddenly seems that among the cinnamon, cranberries and icing sugar, their recipes for a perfect Christmas might be missing a crucial ingredient: each other.


I found this book a bit slow to get into, it took perhaps 20% or so for me to really feel absorbed in the story, which is unusual for me. However, once the story picked up I really did enjoy it.

The book was really well balanced between the 2 sisters, so I never felt like I was getting bored of one, nor were you ever kept waiting too long to get back to any juicy parts that were happening.

The way they experienced each others lives was lovely and quite touching at times. I especially loved Maddy’s relationships with Ella’s neighbours in London. It was a wonderful way to show the power of perspective, to see the difference between the girls’ views of their lives.

As the girls had not only been separated from each other, but Ella from her Mum, and Maddy from her Dad, it was really interesting to see them interact with the parents they barely knew anymore, and to try to make amends.

Also, Dimitri was lovely. Really lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed him!

The food described throughout the books was amazing, and had me longing to be at the taverna with all of them.

It was an easy read with a sweet, Christmassy feel to it, and is well worth pushing through the slow start.

Rating: girl penguingirl penguingirl penguingirl penguin

Release date: 20 October 2014
Publisher: Carina UK
Buy: Amazon UK
Buy: Amazon US


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