Spooky Reads Week: 27th Oct – 2nd Nov

While I’ve been getting seriously into the Christmas spirit already, what with all the amazing Christmas book releases at the moment, I don’t want to miss the fact we’ve got another holiday coming up first at the end of this month – Halloween!

I’ve always loved a bit of fantasy, but have definitely been focused a lot more on standard romance lately, so it only seems right to at least dedicate Halloween week to reading and reviewing some ‘spooky reads,’ and I love for you to join me!

Spooky Reads Badge 2

I use the term ‘Spooky’ loosely; as the idea encompasses a few different options: Fantasy, Thriller, Paranormal, Gothic…anything a bit magical or with a bit of a scare factor etc…You get the idea 🙂

Here’s some of the books I’m looking at possibly reading:

Cinder City of Bones Cassandra Clare Gone Girl Gillian Flynn Grim Crush Phantom  The Night Circus The Taxidermists Daughter Tristen The Last Seeker Fallen
I’ll also be running a giveaway throughout the week and have a couple of guest posts etc.

If you’d like to join in, then let me know and I’ll keep you posted as I get everything together!

9 thoughts on “Spooky Reads Week: 27th Oct – 2nd Nov

  1. Ooo sounds wonderful, count me in! You’ve got a couple of really great options in your post. I’ve been meaning to read Gone Girl and Cinder sounds great too. I’ve got a few romance mysteries lined up, would those work too?

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