The Great Jersey Bake Off

A totally un-book-related post, but it’s been such a fun and yummy day!


I’m lucky enough to be friends with the fabulous Rosie from Rosebud Bakes. We do a charity day every month at work, that usually involves a bake-sale of some sort, but this month, Rosie suggested we should do a Bake-Off in honour of GBBO…and what a treat it’s been!

We definitely know how to get everyone around the office involved in events in the future – just add a little competition to the mix 😉 we’ve been amazed at the effort everyone has put in, and their hard work has made for amazing results – they all looked and tasted amazing! (Apart from one rather sad banana loaf, but let’s not go there…!)

Rosie’s Salted Caramel Cupcakes (those beautiful ones in the bottom left hand corner!) were incredible and totally got my vote! You can find the recipe on her blog here and any baking lovers should definitely check out her blog, she’s a wiz in the kitchen and I’m lucky enough to get to test the results every week! (She’ll get my bill for the gastric band I’ll need putting in soon at this rate!) 😉

I’m extra pleased this month, as we’re raising money for Wetwheels Jersey, which my family are heavily involved with. Wetwheels is a lovely charity that provides boating opportunities to wheelchair users and other disabled children and adults – it’s a simple joy in life that most people may take for granted, but that would never be available to these people otherwise.

All in all, a wonderful day that I’m proud to have been a part of! (And I managed to pack an extra plate to take home to the Mr, who was very upset to be missing out today – especially as he wasn’t allowed to try the cheesecake before hand!)

plate of cake


8 thoughts on “The Great Jersey Bake Off

  1. Aww Paris, my smile is literally ear to ear – our manager will be wondering what can be so happy-inducing about a dull product upload?! What a lovely day we’ve had, your cheesecake has gone down in my mind as the ultimate in white chocolate raspberry goodness. No wonder you’re already getting special requests, they’ll be coming in thick and fast soon. Long may our baking and book love continue! Rosie xx

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