Book Review: I Will Marry George Clooney (By Christmas…), by Tracy Bloom

Sometimes your only option is to dream the impossible – because you never know where it might take you…

I will marry george clooney

A brand new very funny Christmas novel, from the bestselling author of No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday and Single Woman Seeks Revenge.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only answer is to marry George Clooney.
For Michelle, that time is now.

Slogging her guts out in a chicken factory whilst single-handedly bringing up a teenager who hates her is far from the life that 36-year-old Michelle had planned.

But marrying the most eligible man on the planet by Christmas could change all that, couldn’t it?


I had a lot of mixed feelings about this book. Unfortunately, I think I liked the idea of the book more than the book itself.

It was a light and fun read, with a fairly entertaining plot (as it would have to be for such an outrageous idea), but something just felt a little lacking.

I didn’t particularly engage with Michelle as a character, which was a shame, and perhaps that was my main issue. I did sympathise with her for what she’d been through, and understood her wanting to sort her relationship with her daughter, but many elements just annoyed me. There’s no one thing I could pin-point as to what that was, it just didn’t thrill me as much as I had hoped. I’m all for chasing your dreams, no matter how ridiculously improbable they seem, but for all the confidence and enthusiasm Michelle has to chase this one, she still lacked a certain je ne sais quoi, for me.

It was a frothy and fun read, that felt like it had pretty much all the right ingredients, but came out a little too bland for my taste.

Rating: star-ratingstar-ratingstar-ratingpink-half-star-rating

Release date: 09 October 2014
Publisher: Random House UK
Buy: Amazon UK
Buy: Amazon US


2 thoughts on “Book Review: I Will Marry George Clooney (By Christmas…), by Tracy Bloom

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