This Month…October 2014

October 2014
October is here and we’re officially heading towards Winter at a rapid pace.

Asides from looking forward to all the wonderful book releases this month, here’s what I’ve got going on in October:


Okay, okay, this is kind of similar to the general book releases, but it deserves its own appreciation. I’m one of those awful super-excitable, acts-like-a-3-year-old-at-the-mere-mention-of-Christmas types. I love it, and I can’t help but feel super Christmassy extra early when there’s the Christmas books start being released this month! I admit, I started reading them in September (a little odd when I was lying in 40 degrees of heat in Egypt, but I still loved it!) and I’ll have lots of lovely Christmas reviews going up for the next couple of months


I do love a good excuse to dress up! We’ve got a few parties this year, so we’ll have to come up with some great costume ideas, and I think we’ll have a lot of fun. I’m a terrible scardy-cat, absolutely awful with scary films, but I’m sure Mr and I will still snuggle up for a couple that I’ll watch from half behind a cushion!

 TV Programs

I’m not much of a TV watcher – in fact, we haven’t actually had normal TV set up for about 3 years, but we do have a few favourite programs that we like to get the boxsets of or catch up online, and all the new seasons are restarting around now, so I’m looking forward to that and letting my geeky side shine! Particularly Supernatural and Once Upon A Time, which are my favourites.

So, a bit quieter than last month, but with so many fabulous books to read, I should hopefully have enough time to get through as many as I can!

What have you got to look forward to this month?

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