I’m back!

Hey guys!

I am (very reluctantly!) back from holiday. Mr and I have had an absolutely amazing two weeks in Egypt – I did not want to leave. I can’t pretend the weather wasn’t a big part of that; 35-40 degrees every day and I hadn’t seen a single cloud since we got there, until we arrived home this morning to a grey sky and rain, that is. Home Sweet Home.

We managed to have the perfect blend of chilling out and seeing the sites. We went to Cairo to see the pyramids, the sphinx and the museum, which was fascinating. We went into the desert and drove quad bikes and buggies and rode on camels. We went on boat trips to go scuba diving and snorkelling and to a little paradise island. We also spent lots of time at the resort, in the sunshine, in the pool, and on the beach.

I also read 21 books. (And I thought 12 might be too many!!) I’ll post on them later.

It was perfect.

I haven’t loaded up any snaps yet, but I’ll put up some of the best ones when I do.

I’ve got a hundred and one things I should do today, and too many notifications to count that I will get through as soon as possible! So this is just me checking back in and saying hi, I missed you!

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