Holiday Reads!

Only 3 days to go till Mr and I set off to Egypt, and I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around! We started planning a holiday around April, and it felt so far away, but the last month or so has just flown by and now the time is actually here!

Packing is always a bitch, and for the book lover, even more so. It does pose some certain Bookworm Problems. While 2 glorious weeks off in the sun will provide me with lots of lovely reading time by the pool, there’s a couple of things I have to keep in mind.

  1. Must not ignore Mr for books for the entire holiday.
    I believe this is crucial for moral duty! Seems obvious, but I spend sooo many hours at home reading, I need to make sure I don’t over do it on holiday and ignore him entirely! We’ve also only managed 2 weekends in the UK over the last year or so, so a proper holiday and some quality ‘us time’ is long overdue. (Luckily, he is also an avid reader, so it’s not too bad, as he’ll be reading too!)
  2. Suitcase weight.
    The bane of a book lovers holiday. I need to be careful with this, as it’s not just the weight limit, but also my actual ability to be lugging around said suitcase – especially as I’m roughly the size of a hobbit! (We’re taking a suitcase each, so I can hopefully spread the weight between them, or make Mr carry mine, and I’ll carry his which I imagine will be substantially lighter!) I also do want to leave room for things I’ll acquire over there, so I do need to be careful!
  3. Which books do I actually pick?!
    I have sooo many choices, it’s so difficult to choose! I’ve got a ton on my kindle which I will (obviously) be taking, so I’ll have a lot of choice, but I still want to roughly plan which of them I’ll read. I also still have a lot of great ones on my NetGalley shelf I’m dying to read, as well as all the paperbacks and hardbacks in growing piles around my house. For ease and weight, I’ll be sticking with paperbacks for the hard copies. I’m going to get through a few hard copies, just ’cause I’ve read so much on my kindle lately, I kinda miss the feeling of an actual book in my hands!
Some of my TBR pile at home!

Some of my TBR pile(s) at home!

I have narrowed it down to the following (I think!):

  • From NetGalley
    The Little Shop of Hopes & Dreams, by Fiona Harper
    Maybe This Christmas, by Sarah Morgan
    I Will Marry George Clooney (By Christmas), by Tracy Bloom
  • Kindle
    One Hundred Proposals, by Holly Martin
    Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins
    The Bookshop on the Corner, by Rebecca Raisin
  • Paperbacks
    The One Plus One, by Jojo Moyes
    The Memory Book, by Rowan Coleman
    How To Fall In Love, by Cecelia Ahern
    One Hundred Names, by Cecelia Ahern
    Little Beach Street Bakery, by Jenny Colgan
    The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris, by Jenny Colgan

So, there’s a dozen. Which I guess is a lot. We’re away for 15 days, and will have fairly long travel days either side, including a 5 or 6 hour flight each way, so travel days I will probably read 2. Then there’s 8 for the actual duration, so it’s really not that many when you think about it! 😉 Of course, I may not read them all, depending on what we get up to (and to not risk ignoring Mr, as above!), but I also have a ton of others on my kindle in case I need more.

There we go, I think I’m sorted! Now I’ve just got to work on clothes…!

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