Book Review: Hopelessly Devoted to You, by Jill Steeples

Meet Ruby’s fiancé, Finn. He’s gorgeous, thoughtful, successful and adoring – pretty much everything anyone could ever want in a man. In fact, he’s perfect. The catch? He’s just not perfect for her.

Hopelessly Devoted To You Jill Steeples

Thank you to Carina UK for providing me with a review copy via NetGalley.

Finn is the perfect boyfriend. Handsome, smart, successful, devoted. He’s everything a girl could dream of. Problem is, Ruby just doesn’t think he’s perfect for her. With their wedding day looming ever closer, she wonders when exactly might be the right time to tell her fiancé that she doesn’t love him, and actually, she never has?

With time running out before it’s too late to turn back, and relentless nudging from her best friend Laura, Ruby bites the bullet and breaks the news to Finn. She can’t marry him. In shock and enraged, Finn storms out of her flat, but when he pauses at the top of the stares with a resentful look back at the women who’s just broken his heart, he misses his footing, takes one hell of a tumble, and ends up with a broken head too!

After a pain-staking time in hospital, Finn eventually comes round, but with no recollection of the events prior to the accident, and Ruby finds herself back at square one. Thing is, it’s not just Finn’s memory that’s a bit funny, in fact, he seems like a completely different – and incredibly sexy – version of Finn. With a new spontaneous attitude, sex-drive on full blast and a Hugh Jackson-esque accent, Ruby suddenly finds herself lusting for him like she hasn’t for years. Maybe she doesn’t need to come clean after all? As long as she keeps her fingers crossed he doesn’t remember for himself!

I loved this book. Loved it. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s got delicious plot twists and a hilariously wonderful main character. Every chick lit lovers dream.

Ruby is brilliant. I found it so easy to relate to her; the way she can’t help but imagine the worst-case scenarios, her obvious wrestle with her emotions and the way she tries to reason with herself over things she knows are wrong. Jill has done a wonderful job at creating someone I wanted to go out for a drink and a natter with.

As for Finn, I’ll put my hands up – new Finn is pretty sexy. He’s kind of arrogant, rough around the edges and unpredictable in a really hot way. Old Finn seemed lovely, but I think that’s just the whole thing about love isn’t it – it doesn’t matter how good someone looks on paper, it’s all about the way they make you feel. And with this new side to Finn, Ruby may finally be falling in love with her fiancé – and I can’t say I blame her!

It’s a really charming story, and I found myself crossing my own fingers for Ruby, hoping Finn didn’t suddenly remember her secret!

Well done, Jill & thank you, Carina UK!

Rating: star-ratingstar-ratingstar-ratingstar-rating

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