Books I’m excited about this month: September 2014

We’re getting into the Autumn publishing season, and there’s loads of great books coming out soon. Here’s the ones I’m most excited about for September 2014:

The Bone Clocks

 Book: The Bone Clocks
 Author: David Mitchell
 Release Date: 02/09/2014

I honestly haven’t read any David Mitchell before, but just look at that cover. It’s beautiful. And he’s supposed to be  great, so I’m excited to read this.




The Beginners Guide to the Birds and the Bees Book: The Beginner’s Guide to the Birds and the Bees
 Author: Sophie Hart
 Release Date: 19/09/2014

I’ve got this one sat waiting on my NetGalley shelf to read next week, and it looks fabulous, so stay tuned for a review  before the release!




Shopaholic to the Stars

 Book: Shopaholic to the Stars
 Author: Sophie Kinsella
 Release Date: 25/09/2014

It’s Sophie Kinsella. It’s a new book. It’s a new Shopalohic book. I don’t think that requires further explanation, do you?!




A Place for Us Part 3

Book: A Place for us – Part 3
Author: Harriet Evans
Release Date: 30/09/2014

I read the first part last week and have been dying to know the outcome since. The second one is sat on my kindle to be read this week, so I’m already looking forward to the third part’s release!




UsBook: Us
Author: David Nicholls
Release Date: 30/09/2014

I haven’t actually read One Day yet, though it’s been shamefully sat on my shelf waiting for a few months. But I love the film, so I’ve know doubts the book will be even more wonderful. When I heard his new book was to be released in September, I’ve vowed to make myself read One Day beforehand, so I’m really looking forward to both of these for me!



Which books are you eagerly anticipating the release of in September?

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