Top Ten Books I Want To Read But Don’t Own Yet

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday Topic from The Broke and the Bookish:

Top Ten Books I Want To Read But Don’t Own Yet

This is a tricky one as I went on a book haul this weekend and bought a load that I’ve been wanting for ages! So I’ll see if I can get to ten that I still don’t own…

The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me Lucy Robinson

  1. The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me, by Lucy Robinson – This was on my Top Ten Tuesday post last week, as a book I’ve been told I HAVE to read! I didn’t manage to pick it up on my haul this weekend, so it definitely gets a place on this list!fallen for rock nicky wells
  2. Fallen For Rock, by Nicky Wells – This looks really fun and I’ve spoken to Nicky a few times on twitter and she’s just lovely! I actualy have a few ‘Fallen For Rock’ guitar picks I won in a competition, so I definitely need to get the book soon!

    Bad Bridesmaid Portia Macintosh
  3. Bad Bridesmaid, by Portia Macintosh – this is apparently laugh-out-loud hilarious, so I can’t wait to read it! Think it’s going to be taken as a holiday read next month!The Unpredictable Consequences of Love Jill Mansell
  4. The Unpredictable Consequences of Love, by Jill Mansell – it’s Jill Mansell. It’s a new book. I don’t have it yet. No further explanation required.

    Paper Towns John Green
  5. Paper Towns, by John Green – This is another one that was on last weeks post, that I haven’t yet got! Hopefully get round to it soon!
    Seeing Other People Mike Gayle
  6. Seeing Other People, by Mike Gayle – This keeps catching my eye lately, so it’s definitely going on my list!Hopelessly Devoted To You Jill Steeples
  7. Hopelessly Devoted To You – Jill SteeplesChristmas at Rosie Hopkin's Sweet Shop
  8. Christmas at Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop, by Jenny Colgan – Jenny Colgan is one of my faves and I didn’t manage to get this last Christmas, so I’ve been saving it for this Christmas (I know I’d read it straight awy if I bought it, so I’m holding off!)

    Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe Jenny Colgan

  9. Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe, by Jenny Colgan – same story as above, but I’ve been waiting 2 years…I’m going to love this Christmas!!The Casual Vacancy J K Rowling
  10. The Casual Vacancy, by J K Rowling – I’m honestly horrified at myself that I still don’t on this. Being such a massive Potterhead and JK worshipper, it’s just disgraceful. But I will. Soon!

Phew, I made it to ten! Some are oldies but they still apply!!

What about you – what books are you desperate to read but don’t own yet?

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Want To Read But Don’t Own Yet

    • It does, doesn’t it? Thanks! I just checked yours out – I bought the One Plus One yesterday and have the Girl You Left Behind sat at home too, can’t wait to read them both!
      Also, totally with you on George R R Martin – come on, George!!!! 😉 xx


  1. I love Jenny Colgan’s books! I haven’t read either of these, but I read Little Beach Street Bakery and Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris earlier this year. Absolutely loved them both. Humm, that’s a very good idea to get them both this Christmas, might see if I can! Hope you love all the books on your list when you get to read them 🙂


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