My Independent Bookshop

I recently posted a guest post from Rebecca Raisin, about her dream bookshop. My Independent Bookshop is run in collaboration with, and I think it’s a fantastic way to find new reading material and help out independent bookshops.

A Bit About Hive:
You love the ease and ability of shopping online while on the go – at home or at work. But you also don’t want to see your local bricks and mortar shops on the high street disappear. That’s where hive come in. With hive, every time you make a purchase, you’re also supporting a local independent bookshop by continuing to do what you love – buying your books and eBooks, online.

I chose the independent bookshop Walter Henry’s Bookshop in Bideford to connect to, as it’s one I’ve been in many a time when I was in Devon.

For me, owning a bookshop is something I’ve dreamed about all my life. Luckily, my Mr is a total bookworm too, with a similar vision – so who knows, maybe one day it will happen?

But for now, I invite you to step inside The Book Nook.

It’s a quaint shop on the corner of the street. A brick building, with large wood-panelled windows all the way along. A small bell tinkles as you open the door and enter, smelling the warm aromas of coffee and hot chocolate and that classic book smell we all love so much. Sunlight filters through the tops of the windows and the lighting is low but warm, an almost orangey glow fills the room.

It’s not huge, but it’s bigger than it looks from the outside. Floor to ceiling bookshelves line every spare wall space. The front of shop contains all the latest titles, by genre as one would expect, you can search through travel, history, non-fiction, crime…work your way along and you’ll notice an especially big section just for romance and chick  lit. After all, that’s what most of us love in here. We even have our own chick lit book club in the café at the back once a month after the shop closes.

That’s the café there, on the far side in the corner. The small wall behind there has books of all sorts and ages – donated books and random finds from charity shops that people can read as they like, or swap for their old books. The café has small tables dotted around, the spaces filled with plush, mismatched arm chairs and vintage wooden chairs with different cushions that I’ve acquired. There’s one long sofa against the wall, next to the old books. That’s my favourite place to curl up in the winter, picking up whatever book I notice has recently made it’s way onto my shelves back there.

So take a browse, pick up a book and let me pour you a cup of hot chocolate, while you lose yourself between the pages for a while in The Book Nook.

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