New Tattoo!

I just realised I never posted a picture of my tattoo after my session on Wednesday!
There’s still a long way to go, I have another full day session in 3 weeks, to finish off defining the lining and shading, then will do some smaller sessions to add colour, but I absolutely love it already!


It’s my own design – I come from a sailing family, and practically grew up on boats, so I have a natural love for all things nautical! My first tattoo was a small anchor on my hip, which fits in with style of this piece. I also fitted in a bit of Disney-love, with Pocahontas’ compass down the bottom there!

The quote is very important to me, as I have always had a dreadful habit of holding myself back due to a fear of failure, and this is to remind me to have the courage to take risks and follow my dreams.

I can’t wait for it to be finished, although the long session really was tough – about 3/4 of the way through, I could have called it a day, but I sucked it up and saw it through, and I’m so pleased I did!


2 thoughts on “New Tattoo!

  1. Wow, that is a tattoo and a half! Please, please, please will you show us it finished, when it’s done? I want to see it all coloured in! 🙂 You chose a very brave placing, too, that must have hurt like hell!

    I’m hoping to get a tattoo on my thigh of a girl sitting under a tree, reading. Basically, me. 🙂 I need to get skinnier thighs first though 😉


    • Thank you! I will, I promise – I can’t wait for it to all be done 🙂 You’re right there, it killed! Worth it though 🙂

      Ooh lovely! There’s a few bookish ones I want (shock!), still deciding on placement etc 🙂 xx


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