The Battle of Flowers

The second Thursday of August, every year for over a century, has been Jersey’s annual flower parade: The Battle of Flowers. Not only is The Battle one of Jersey’s largest tourist attractions, at it’s core it is a beloved and time-honoured tradition for it’s residents.


I grew up dancing on the floats in the festival, and spending hours helping prepare the floats in the months leading up to it. The amount of work that goes into each float is unbelievable, but it certainly pays off, as the finished products are truly breath-taking pieces of art, and the parade is a wonder to behold. 

The following evening is The Moonlight Parade – my favourite. While the parade is beautiful by day, by night the experience becomes truly magical, with thousands of lights twinkling away, it is one of my favourite things about Jersey. The Mr’s work are sponsoring this year, so we have been lucky to get some great tickets to tonight’s Moonlight Parade, and I honestly can’t wait. Having left the island at the age of 15 to move to Devon, it’s been a long time since I was a part of it, and I haven’t managed to get to the Friday parade since I’ve been back these last two years.

Jersey Battle of Flowers

The whole Island is just a-buzz this time of year. The fun fair comes over in the weeks leading up to it, which, let’s be honest, makes everyone feel like a kid again! There’s just a general magic of excitement in the air, and it’s so lovely to see everyone so proud of their Island. Even just typing this, I’m feeling the child-like excitement wash over me again – hopefully I’ll get some great photos of this year’s floats for you all. (Though in a corporate marquee with free food and free drink, I best try get some good ones early on…it’s a fun night for the adults too, after all!)


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