Jon Richardson, Nidiot Tour

Tonight I am off to see my very favourite comedian, Jon Richardson, who is gracing Jersey with his presence on his Nidiot tour. Excited would be an understatement. This will be the third time I’ve seen him, and I genuinely can’t wait!

Nidiot Jon Richardson

For those of you unsure who he is – shame on you! – he is best known as a team captain on 8 Out Of Cats, the panel show with Jimmy Carr.

I honestly adore him, he makes me absolutely howl with laughter! I think the little OCD part of me just relates so much to all his crazy little obsessive ways! In his last tour, he told a story of how his flatmates would do the dishes, thinking they were being really good and helping him, and he’d just think ‘yeah, and I’m going to have to do them again five minutes after you finish!’ – this is pretty much the story of my life – I actually freak out if anyone else wants to do dishes (apart from possibly my mother, who I think instilled this particular obsession in me, and therefore is the only person who can be trusted to clean things well enough!) I’ve even been known to casually do dishes at my friends houses. Sad, I know.

I can’t wait to see what gems he has in store this time (and yes, maybe I think he’s a little dreamy, and maybe that fangirl part of me is hoping he’ll hang around for autographs and photos afterwards…I mean just look at that cute little face! Anyways…) I’m certain I’ve got a great night ahead of me, whatever he comes out with!

If you do enjoy his comedy (or if you don’t know it, in which case you should really check it out!) I highly recommend reading his book, It’s Not Me, It’s You, which has often provided comic relief for me whenever I need cheering up!

Check out his Nidiot Tour dates here:


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