Ink Day

Today, I am booked in for my first ever full day of tattooing. It’s my 5th tattoo, so I’m not new to the process, but I’ve never been in for more than maybe 2 hours – today I’m doing 7.

To say I’m crapping myself, is putting it lightly. I am TERRIFIED of needles. Bit odd for someone with 15 piercings and 4 tattoos, but I can’t help but love them. Unfortunately, it never gets any easier, and the simplest of ear piercings can have me hyperventilating, in tears and begging for my mummy (literally, she had to hold my hand to get my belly button pierced!) Go figure.

I’ve forced myself to munch down some breakfast for fear of fainting otherwise, but I’m now focussing on keeping that down.

Hopefully, I will have a photo to show you later that will make the whole thing worth it – that, or a weird, unfinished picture, where I’ve wimped out and run!

I’m bringing John Green’s Abundance of Katherines for reading material, as it’s nice and light (so should be comfortable enough to keep holding) and I’m hoping he’ll cause me enough emotional pain to distract me from the physical pain I’ll be undergoing – he’s usually pretty damn good at that, so here’s hoping!

Wish me luck!


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