Preoccupied elsewhere…

Hi guys

I had every intention of getting a post up last night about our London adventure – advance word, it didn’t go to plan! – but while away, I started ‘The Secret Place’ by Tana French, and any other commitments have hence been put temporarily on hold, because nothing in the world seems as important right now as getting to the end of this book and finally knowing who killed him. My mind has been on overdrive from chapter one – I am totally enraptured. 

I also happen to have an insanely busy week, and I’m genuinely scared I can’t finish it quickly enough, or find enough time to read (I’m already cursing myself in my mind that I could have fitted in a couple of pages instead of writing this!!). I’ve been snatching paragraphs and pages at every opportunity, guzzling it all in.

So, just letting you know everything has been put on hold until that can be done, then I will put up a post about London and what I am already certain will be a rave review on The Secret Place. 

In the meantime, happy reading to you all!

With love,

From Paris x

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